7 deadly sins


The polished blade's radiance beckons me,
A euphoric serenade to set the darkness free.
Savoring the blade across my tongue, 
Shuttering with the hymn it sung.
Knife's sharp edge slips into eager skin,
Gliding along easily; the sacraments begin.


Wrath; I carve on knuckles, minimally deep,
Crimson pearls beading laboriously seep. 
 Insulted, justified vengeance you feel so wronged,
 Delivering offenders to hell where belonged.


Greed; I carve on the palm of my hand,
this one particularly hurt; to stop though wasn't planned.
The need for monies ultimate transgression,
Unquenchable thirst for wealth's possession.


Sloth; I carve on the soles of my feet,
The aroma heady of pungent meat.
A reminder the facilities are all there,
The laziness compelling, you just don't care.


Pride; this ones to me, the most sinful part,
On the chest, close to my heart.
I'm nearly giddy with the blessed pain,
But by now, convinced I'm no longer sane.


Lust; favored most of all,
Fondling an arousal, engrave engorged ball.
The ecstasy almost makes me come,
From the wicked deed I have done.


Envy; my mind over-stimulated stopping to think,
on what part of my body should the blade sink.
Awe I know, the moistened brow across my forehead,
for all to see, God's words written in red.


Gluttony; the most abused of the deadly sins,
on my stomach I deeply carve, perfused bleeding begins.
By now the blood loss brings on paradise,
Dizziness overtakes after this profound slice.

Cutting my sanctified rapturous release,
Overwhelming emotions bleed out begets peace.
The act naught compared to the sins of life,
Sorry, I have to go. I have to pay homage to the knife.