It is with deep regret

Written by: ned flanders

I saw the officious black car drive off from my house as I entered the street.
 I will never forget the date.
 It was the first day of September,
 in fact I have cursed that date ever since. 

I will never forget the time either,
 I saw it on the big kitchen clock
 as I came in and dumped my school bag.
 It was fourteen minutes past four.
 The sun was still shining brightly outside,
 but the heat had gone out of the day. 

Then I heard my Mother crying,
 crying and wailing with big sobs
 like she had the hiccups.
 She was sitting right on the edge of the settee.
 A hanky covered both her hands as
 her head rocked gently back and forth.
 One of her heels was out from her shoe,
 pointing awkwardly upwards.
 There was a letter lying on the floor.
 A hand delivered letter.
 We had had a visitor. 

I cursed the fact my Father wasn"t home,
 I did not know what to say or do.
 I did a lot of cursing that day,
 but most of all I cursed the day  
 my Brother ever joined the Army. 

Two Weeks Later. 

As I walk in to the room
 to say my last goodbye.
 I wonder if you know,
 could see and hear me cry. 

If somewhere up above,
 you could look down and see.
 Know how much your missed,
 for once we would agree. 

I find it oh so hard
 to say a last goodbye,
 I curse this heaven and earth
 and only wonder why. 

Nothing seems to shift
 this empty nagging pain.
 So I say my last goodbye
 until we meet again. 

And meet again we must,
 for it wasn"t till that day.
 That I found out to late
 I have so much to say. 

I want to tell you this
 I love you like no other.
 Oh why did God take you
 my one and only Brother.