His Endless Seed

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

His Endless Seed We are all his endless seed That God has made to grow once again To live in his paradise after death receives A message that our life here in this world has come to an end There are no final goodbyes to our loved ones passed There is nothing ever lost, for our hearts will all join once more For in heaven nothing is there to die, only last Through his endless seed, life will be better lived than before Just imagine what that day would be like to see his face Smiling right back at you with open arms There will be no sign of a pain’s trace Or anything that would put us in danger or harm He will be there showing us the seed of life That he so carefully planted and nurtured while we lived below Waiting patiently for the time to show us his world of paradise Where we will embrace life in peace and harmony we all wanted so.