Written by: Danielle Ste

I have married two men in my life
And I loved neither

I have loved two men in my life
And I couldn't marry either

The relationship with each
Fleeting though it may have been

Was magical and whimsical
Like sparks floating in the wind

Our souls linked together
In this life and perhaps another

One lives out a life in my dreams
without seeing him for many years

The other still a fresh memory
Provokes many fresh tears

I know they are not mine
To hold or to long for

But deep in my heart a memory
Is protected by a padlocked door

Let go and let love
Is what they always say

Let go and let live
Is the lesson I obey

For these are kindred spirits
Or at least I pray

Just a glimpse of my soul mate
And how he'll be one day 

For in all my pain and agony
I have lost myself and others

But my journey is just beginning
Because I know there is another