Pots and Frogs

Written by: Juli- Michelle

Of course it happened, I should have known
For I've been taught since before I was grown
And yet I diminish myself and my past
By rash decisions that promise, but flee fast
And throughout the circles we prideful may go
Our egos fade slowly in the wet Texan snow
Egos that once were humility and peace
This heart rough as scales once as soft as pink fleeceĀ 
And still tender beneath the hard seeming shell
Her face doth bestow a deceiving lil spell
They think she's happy and she's done no wrong
But they've never heard her voice break in song
Nor seen the evidence of a betrayal wrongly done
Not noticed the fabric even under the sun
Smile she will but on the inside dare not
She cannot hope to do what others think they ought
She's been there before and boiled that day
Like the frog in the pan, who couldn't get away