Written by: awoh kingsley awoh


I saw an angel standing in the rain crying
My heavenly earth chase after her
She beckons and beams her glowing look at me
My senses were set in asunder
Then the bickering light goes dimmer
The music goes mute
As the lyrics of her tears entangles my all
She said her heart was broken
I tried to build her heart back with a kiss
We began to cry in the rain but nobody notice our tears
My whole world wander in her wings
She made me soar in the shadow of her lips
Beating my imagination with her bites
Her tongue tangled and tickled my peak
Puncturing the pool of my pun
I was lost in a moment
Drowning in her sea
Drifting in her storm
Grappling and growling in the wilderness of her nature
I became dead like an irony
Trying to resurrect my wrecked ship
But she kept tilling my innermost dreams with her smiling kisses
I loved the way she drifted me up the north coast
Just a while ago,
She said to me; ' i love walking in the rain because no one will see me crying when my heart is broken'

Written by Awoh Kingsley
Dedicated to Adeola Adenekan..
25th Dec, 2012...