Written by: Jennifer Cahill

Horizon edges the day and night
Melded together and followed by stars
Chased sunsets in her hazel eyes
Only known as someone to despise

Streetlights planted in pavement
Gold orange halos upon where there are footsteps
Color of dark seeps into their homes
As branches scratch their vinyl and painted wood

Flowers bursting are now shut tight
Like locked doors in summer shadows
Echoing roar of train and then hum
Cradles the distance from domed sky

Green clothed trees, nodding in the wind
Are carved ancient silhouettes
Moisture like dewdrops suspended 
Dampen skin, tender and weak

Shouts shattering the nighttime earth
Erupting clouds mask the moon, waxing
Starlight brightens in between
Such mountainous disarray of silver glaring

Silence of human voices
Hush, coos the songs of night
Everything returns to what was
As we are reinvented