For an Unparalled Star

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

With a heart of gold and a mind so pure,
A trustworthy person you are for sure, 
Caring, kind and a soul so humble, 
Ethical, respectable and so very nobleā€¦
Courageous and dependable, you are Nicholas, 
Rare to find on the globe or in any atlas!
A tough boss with strong style of leadership,
Priceless and invaluable is your friendship...

A phone addict, you talk, talk, talk,
Eating, sleeping or walking- round the clock!!
"Korri',"Daxi","Manamou", with English you speak Greek,
"Ela Re","Babamou" some of your words -Totally unique!

 Mentor, Guide, Friend, you in one,
Bit crazy, bit eccentric, yet you are fun!
Full of integrity a person you are,
Nicola- You are an Unparalled STAR!