Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

With the last twelve strokes of the 2012 clock,
Ideas, dreams and hopes into your mind they flock, 
As aspirations, wishes and desires fill your heart,
Leaving you to ponder what for you has 2013 got?

Waiting for the dawn of 2013 to arrive,
Anticipation of a great year fills your life, 
Stop thinking and wondering what is in store,
It is certain you have peace, joy, success and happiness galore!

A new day, in a new month in a whole new year,
Abundance of smiles and laughter will surely appear,
As the surprise package upon you will knock,
You will dance with joy and your life will rock!

The festivities and celebrations will last year long,
Angels will smile, upon you, good luck will throng,
Healthy, Happy and Rich you will be, my dear!
Here's wishing you A Merry Christmas & A Happy & Prosperous New Year!!