when the chips are heavy

Written by: lulu nosika

Minus 200 points she thought! How 
disgusting he could be, clinging to 
his older ones like he wasn't old 
enough to make his decisions 
himself. Let's wait for them he said, 
like choosing between rice and pasta 
will change d world. Give them 
space she said, hating d puppy dog 
movement, despising d very fact 
that she couldn't take a step without 
him thinking he was straying too far 
from the clan. U grumble too much 
he said, but immediately agrees 
when the others said d same as she 
had. Now its decision time, how 
much can she truly take?? She's had 
enough of been tied to someone 
that was holding on for his dear life 
at his mother's apron.