you are

Written by: lulu nosika

U are one of the reasons  why some 
women are barren, with God looking 
at people like you that he gave 
children and u av failed miserably to 
guide and protect them. You are 
one of the reasons why we see the 
streets littered with runaway kids 
looking for a better life. To them 
anything is better than what you 
have shown them as life. You are 
one of the reasons why there are so 
many damage adults walking 
amongst us as our brothers, sisters, 
mothers, fathers, friends, bosses. 
You are one of the reason why our 
young ladies sleep with anybody and 
everybody just for a min or two of 
love and compassion. You are part 
of the rot that smells in our society 
today, that smell that just won't go 
away. You are part of that secret 
pain and shame we hold in our 
hearts that stings and draws tears to 
our eyes. You are part of the 
reasons why a little child's face is 
wrinkled with hopelessness. You 
were created to be the best gift any 
child should have but discover as 
just another poison ivy. You are the 
worse possible kind of traitor, for 
your type of betrayal is beyond low. 
You hurt for your pleasure and seek 
to destroy. You don't stop until the 
damage is irreversible. U seek to 
justify your doings, telling yourself 
that you know better for you have 
been here longer but what you don't 
know is that time changes 
yesterday. May you rest your heart 
at night knowing that the table may 
turn on you in the morning. May you 
taste that which you dish out so 
mercilessly. May you hold scars of 
wounds so deep you never forget 
that which you have done. You are 
the painful memories of our future.