I admit it

Written by: T'Keyah Wilder

I Admit it, I let my insecurities over power me..
My insecurities have gotten the best of me..
Not only making me wonder why you’re with me..
But making me think there’s someone better who’ll come along..
They’ve taken the best of me..
Got me questioning Where you’ve been..
Who you’re with..
How long;
 & Why?
Got me wanting you home all day,
So I know for sure, its your family you’re with..
& its me you’re talking too..
I admit it, 
My insecurities have really gotten the best of me..
Got me wanting to check your phone,
To make sure I’m the only one getting
Goodmorning texts, & Goodnight bby,
Or even “Hey, I’m on the way home”..
They’ve really gotten the best of me..
& I’d apologize, but I just don’t feel like I can do it enough..
I can’t say it won’t happen again,
Cause I know how my insecurities are..
Knowing me, they’ll probably win..
But I admit it..
I’ve let them get the best of me..