What She's Got

Written by: Nestor David Armas

She teases as she plays smooth as hot-
Butter in a pan working with what she's got,
No less the sizzle when she chills;
Even without the bells whistles and frills,
She's still more than you can handle;
Hot hot hotter she burns like a candle,
Yankee long the wick never will the flame go-
Out in the darkness she lights the way,
Never letting you get lost go astray;
And if you do she'll bring you back never forego,
You before any other as long as you never-
Do her wrong, sing along with her forever,
Because she is so much more than what you see;
You must feel what's beneath it all the smiles and be,
Straightforward, and you'll get to know her;
Innermost thoughts, watch her jump tumble and were-
It not for fun still splash into your world not a clash,
Just full of life filling with smiles and just a dash;
Of glitter amongst the scattering of your ideas,
Which she'll bring a different perception to, free as-
The morning mist come from the mountain tops,
As she laughs running, for she never sleeps never stops...