free cee THIS WAS WRITTEN posthumously

Written by: jeffry cohan




All her life she had been someone else's someone
Her daddy, her husband and then her young son
A butterfly encased in a coffin of glass
Until a decidedly different destiny came to pass

Who was the man she lay next to in bed?
They shared nothing more than their sheets head to head
A stranger had become a lifetime’s one sweet chance
But chances taken are too often met with raves and rants 

Sometimes chances have a way of leading to lamentable choices
And even loved ones have vehement voices
They scream too loud when quiet is needed
And the sound of reason isn’t always heeded

Fantasies can often be fed by the fire of desire
And a lady’s life can be led as a liar
Someone who vows forever in exchange for naked flesh
But more often than not reality and dreams don’t mesh

Everyone needs some time spent on their own
But not when that person is afraid of being alone 
She had always been a daughter, a mother, a wife
And that led to the lovely lady running my life
                       © 2012  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~