Written by: Richard Burton

Love is a word that's very strong.                                         
Love can make us all do wrong.                                 
Love is power and that is true,                                    
The things that love will make us do.                       
Love is passion love is greed,                                    
Things with love has a need.                                  
Love can break a person down,                                 
It's a feeling that  comes around.                              
Love is something very deep,                                   
Love can make it hard to sleep.                               
Love can come in many ways,                                   
Love can last for many days.                                    
Love can make you wanna try,                                
Love can also make you cry.                                    
Love can make you smile so much,                       
Love,It has the softest touch.                                    
Love is something we all must feel,                               
It is not a game Love is real.