What Did We Get Stuck in 2012

Written by: mike dailey

What Did We Get Stuck in 2012

The doctors in the OR had a busy time this year
Freeing things that got stuck in rectum, nose or ear
Or any other orifice that lies within our bod
The list of all the things they found is really kind of odd

Within the ear, a button, a toothpick and hairpin
A screwdriver and a drinking straw were also found therein
A key, a piece of paper, a little plastic dart
A fly and an eraser were also lodged in part

Within the nose a Dixie cup, barrette and colored pencil
A nickel, BB pellets, and a small plastic utensil
A screw, a bead, a pick-up stick and a little plastic toy
Two nostrils filled with magnets in just one little boy

Within the throat a lemon seed, maxi pad and thimble
A key-chain ring, a toy plane, some kids are really nimble

Within the rectum, a loaf of bread, a crayon and a lighter
A small hand wrench, a vial of salts, were stuck there even tighter

And I won’t even mention what was found in some who-hoos
Or even try to question the things that some girls use
And the men are no exception when it comes to getting stuck
You’d be surprised what they used to size, and then ran out of luck

And wouldn’t you love to hear the stories these patients told the staff
And see the faces of the docs as they tried so not to laugh

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