Mouse in the house

Written by: Joe Maverick

Winne the poo, had nothing to do, one dank and dismal day, as he sat in his chair rather filled With despair, when he heard a noise just plainly as day, it went kinda like squeek..!
Did his little chair creak? 'prhaps he had eaten too much honey.. ! Got carried away?? he was fond of that Chair, just perfect for a bear, painted a bright emerald green,with scrollwork in blue; he was Afraid it might break, oh..! Just where would he eat cake? & would his feet always ache? His thoughts they were all a to do.!!!
He got up slowly with great care, ( which is harder for bears ) it looked quite strong,
As he gazed at it long..... Then loud again came that squeek.." he followed the sound,
That came from low down.. To a rug right behind his small seat, and there was a mouse."
The first he'd seen in his house, he wondered how-why it was there, he bent down low 
Hey.." the mouse didn't go..! It  L 00 ked into his eyes, that was such a surprise...!
Then he saw why it squeeked and squeeked so.." Its small tail was trapped,
 And yet had not snapped..? It was under the leg of his shiny green chair.." He lifted it clear,
Then continued to peer, at the mouse with two big black ears, now how are you named
Winnie exclaimed..." Mickey it said rather high, and my tail needs a repair, can you help me My bear?? as I don't have a spare, just you wait right there, Winnie said I will share, maybe There's a bandage somewhere, perhaps in my box of repairs..?? with the patches & string, needles and
Things,,! so he quickly ducked under the stairs, and searched it right through, then to mickey he Threw a bandage; to wrap round his tail, for repair, they became such good friends, as the bear made Amends, Mickey said you are fair, a really nice bear.!

 For now; this poem has come to the end.)