Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Like other years I have already failed my resolution.
My resolve to not have a resolution has desolved.
I spent an evening with wonderful friends.
Being with them inspires me to be a better man!

This year I will laugh more
It will do nothing to fill my wallet
But my heart will be filled
On that note, I will work less

Hugs Glorious hugs
I want lots more of those
I want to hug the ones I love
I want to hug those that need to be loved
Then we will both no what love feels like

I will listen
Those around me have something to say
If I listen hard enough I may hear the voice of God
When the time comes to speak I will not stay in the shadows.
Sometimes I need to speak up.
My voice does not need to be loud.
Others joining in will give me strength.
At times we all need a nudge to action.
My time to act is now.

I will allow myself to cry
My tears have power to heal my breaking heart
If only I allow them to flow
Some things are not meant to stay inside.
Tears are the gateway to intimacy. 
I will allow myself to be vulnerable.
I will combine my tears with hugs
What a powerful combination.

I will smile
A smile is the key that opens many doors
Smiles often bring me back to resolution one
I will laugh
Please laugh, hug, listen, cry, speak and smile along with me.
Would not all of these actions make 2013 the most amazing year.
God Bless each and every one of my friends here at the soup.