Focus of a New Year

Written by: DrJim Martin

Focus of a New Year
Dr. James E. Martin
©January 1, 2013

Out with the old and in with the new
Today be begin again.
What in your life will really be new?
Will the old have a brand new spin?

Novel ideas are in many minds,
There are projections of newfound bliss.
What, at year’s end, will each one find?
Will the focus of projections be missed?

Attention to plans is the purpose of many
There is concern for the future for certain.
Worries and uncertainties- there are plenty
Some fear facing the final curtain.

As plans have been, or continue to be made
A truth many need to face.
One exists who can easily come to your aid
As the future you hopelessly trace.

Look to Him, He never lost a case
And worries decide to end.
Situations we need not singularly face
A mountain of success we can ascend.