Shooting Star

Written by: Nestor David Armas

I caught a falling star
She's riding in my car,
Passenger in my travels;
She's guiding me as life unravels
The truth of my destiny,
A life I would not accept to be
Just like any other,
Never had a brother
In arms; so she's filling in
All the holes I've fallen and been,
Trying to find my way
She's always got the words to say
At the right time,
Even without a dollar or a dime
In my pocket,
Though I was off like a rocket
She's brought me down
To earth not letting me drown
In my sorrows and regrets
She's the only one that gets
Me; and I reciprocate that feeling
Every time she comes around I'm beaming,
Bounce in my every step
She's my caffeine giving me pep,
I've made her my shooting star
I just know together we'll go far...