The Sun Doth Ever Rise

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

The world has not ended though the penitents wait
at Chichen Itza, and Tikal sentient's pace. 
Yet, one more prediction one more failed debate 
perhaps, a new age will come filled with true grace. 
Life is a process, a circular affair
from the time of Roman's predictions have flared   
Pope's, pagans and shamans, none have been proved right 
Let us all move forward in joy not in fright.

The world has not ended by meteorites fall
though oceans have risen and volcanoes flow.
The ground itself quakes but to no avail
 life's bounty on Earth brings an endless tableau.
No planetary alignment ended our days.
No global plague has changed our miscreant malaise.
Truly this watery refuge gifts surprise
as with each nights end the sun doth ever rise.