Egusi Soup

Written by: habib akewusola


Blessed vegetable leaf with
Melon roots
Selected soup from the
Eastern roof,
My taste bud is the only 
As pounded yam is her groom
Eba could be a quality
Ingest and digest because this
Is the best,
Nutritionist recommends
Strangely my skin becomes
She even doubles my strength.
Assorted meats to select
Stock fish sinks in Egusi's chair,
Pets enjoy her remnant.
Sufficient palm oil is a blend
It remains on her shallow bed
This makes Egusi almost red.
Five fingers is the instrument
Begin to roll into Egusi's trench.
Egusi is Ibo's friend
She also visit's different events,
Her eminence, favorably prepared
By pretty women
Who are culturally dressed.
Egusi is this natural herb
Cures illness without my consent,
Tarnish as many plates
She never torments,
I will respect green and protect
Her children.

Habib Akewusola.