Miracle on Earth

Written by: habib akewusola


Salute to the lords that formed
Our land
Tribute to the angles unseen
During the day,
Few where born to be great
Different sand was used to create,
On my wooden slate,
I try to meditate
Soyinka suddenly appears on
This page
Do you notice Baba's black and
White gray?
With his tentacles in shining 
Am still in shock Soyinka hasn't 
Been ordained,
The god's of words and human
Metaphysical brain
Will always favor few names,
You should have heard of the
Great Achebe?
Kindly read few lines of J.P Clark's
Poetry that makes kings reminisce
You can only translate if you
Read again and again.
Miracle trained to make little
I pray thee ink shall never sleep,
Seeing who sees the unseen,
Heard you predict battle victory,
I see in you a shining evening,
My father of golden reasoning.

Habib Akewusola.