The Hidden Truth

Written by: John Streeter

   Have you, as one that thinketh with a mind of Enity.  "How and from
   the image that springforth the creativity of You & Me, come to realise how
   awsome God must be.  Hurricanes and whirlwinds coming too and fro, headed
   elsewhere...(But Where)...?  "Noone dare knows."  Andso as awsome as it seem-
   ily is mention, it bares no doubt."  Why is it so, "that life shall and (someday) no-
    doubt finds oneself full of questable sprout.....?(???)
   Is it just I, or do you also ask the repeatable when. why (OH'WHY) are we living
   in a quay of mis-concerns..."that salvation comes without the quest for all to....
   Learn..!!  There's no ambition from the youth to springforth their ultimate goal.
   "That life's future bares futility for thou weary souls."
    "The Hidden Truth, well that's a doubt within itself, whereas we are lead by sus-
    penceful disorder, and we as Parents and Wage-earner's and worshippers as well,
   have place ideaology for the wrath of sin, we have replace it for the method of why
    do and dareso it is the truth...hidden or not...?  "Do-You not know that the (Creator)
   still luv'"  "The Hidden Truth"
    Tho we live in this proximity society, where there's much cultivated citizens conspired 
   to keep wrong as the principal for Higher_Learning. And no-doubt have you prayed
  to a Spirit that's Holy and Now, could someone do the thing's that they
   do, and other's miscount their blessing and blame it all on...(You).  "You who are the
  reason for the sunshine and the disstrucktive wind that blows throught our little towns
  andso you're also the foundation that realligneds our frowns.