I'm Tired

Written by: Bob shank

Tired of "now I lay me down to sleep"
those soothing lullabyes of lies
to comfort a restless soul
of which pain becomes an exotic pillow

tired of the tears within a childs eye
that unto which my very heart bleeds
the salted poisoned sap of nature
flowing from willows broken branches

tired of drug infested roses
produced to be bigger and allegedly better
yet the smell has been tainted
with man's morbid sense of righteousness

tired of empty rooms
that bare my own reflection
shadows beckon unto me 
their utterance my own voice

tired of being afraid to die
and yet I never was
loneliness has taught me many things
mostly, I'm afraid to live

tired of writing poetry
that glorifies the hearse
yet satin lined coffins
seem appropriate in verse

now I lay me down to sleep
finally, too tired to weep........