Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

This little shop compels my watch to slow,
Shelves of tall, glass jars filled with loose leaf teas,
Small sample containers, each one bestows
Complex aromas that mingle then please
. . . Herbs of the modern apothecary.
Bone china cups and baskets and tea pots,
Quilted cozies to keep everything hot,
Sailing aisles, connoisseur for a day, 
Though what I came to buy, I have forgot,
This fermented perfume steals thoughts away.

Across the sea on hillsides lush plants grow,
Once withered, their leaves bring serenity,
Or warm the heart when November winds blow.
I've decided to buy four bags of peace,
One calls, a blend called Createavity,
Inhaling the mix, my muscles unknot,
This gentle brew will quiet life's riot.
I pay for my finds, to reenter the  fray,
Back to my kettle, where my home pivots,
For there joy steeps while I thankfully pray.

*A repost for a dear friend.

Distinctly Tea is MY oasis in the city. It's a shop where I lose myself, feel myself loosen.
For some photos, teas, etc.

PS- My daughter already has rooibos tea (no caffeine) and her favourite is peach apricot tea. She even adds her own milk and sugar. We have 4-5 tea parties a week.