Love VS Cherish

Written by: Eileen Manassian

There is so much talk about “love”
But none at all about “cherish”
One you can fall in and out of
But the other doesn’t perish

The latter is a decision
You make each and every day
To stay beside your “loved” one
Whatever comes your way

“Love” is like a gale force wind
That knocks you clear off your feet
“Cherish” is a quiet promise
That you daily resolve to keep

“Love” is sometimes very ruthless
It leaves you giddy or half dead
“Cherish” is so much the milder
It’s the reasoning in your head

You treasure when you do “cherish”
Everything in your loved one
You know after angry showers
There will still be the brilliant sun

You see all of the good and bad
And all the degrees in between
Yet you  must hold close to your heart
The good places that you have been

“Love” is best friends with “passion”
And it demands full surrender…
“Cherish” is friends with “compassion”
And their vow is to be tender

“Love” and “Cherish” must come together
In every “marriage of true minds”
In the child that they conceive
Is the true love you hope to find.