I beseech thee, journey to Darkwood,
Where many heroes once stood.
To conquer an evil dimension,
Unheeding to wise apprehension.
The sounds of silence shatter,
All peace of mind no matter
Evil invades an idle head,
The ever present still air dead
Turning back is no option now
For it has imprisoned you somehow
So don't bother turning to see,
What fiend has crept upon thee.
A coward's mind so easy to trick,
A welcoming death not so quick.
Imagination, evil's best tool,
For thou art a mortal fool.
Heroic quest hastily ignored,
Mind's eye envisions Satan's horde
Running deeper to escape,
An unavoidable mind rape.
Suppressive exhaustion has begin,
Hopelessly wondering within.
Darkwood callous repressive night,
Never dawns to cheery sunlight.
A hazy moon casts a wicked spell,
For an endless journey through hell.
Dense fog sluggishly boils the bone,
An entity maniacally rasps. "Welcome home."