A wild fantasy

Written by: apoorva patrikar

If I were Death, I’d hide my face From the person who rang my bell I’d make him find me through a maze To test if it’s heaven or hell That person’s right place to be A look in his life and I can tell The person who’s just come to me He’d leave every single thing behind There’s a new afterlife for him to see Hell is hell you keep in mind Every act reversed with you this time That’s how justice you will find But if it’s heaven, winds will chime You’ll be lucky, you’ll be fine Bliss and love from time to time I will get what’s rightfully mine The decision to judge your after life No turning back, no changes now Your fate, your actions will derive now my hands shiver my love is here Will I act dutifully??? --- for "Terzanelle Fantasy with a Questionku Chaser Poetry Contest" by Richard Lamoureux