Beauty Decomposing

Written by: Nestor David Armas

Beauty decomposing,
Like Mozart unraveling;
A symphony from his grave,
She no longer would behave;
Slowly she rotted,
Her I's no longer dotted;
No more makeup,
Hair tied in a knot was her dressed up;
She stunk like a corpse,
Driven to the end of her ropes;
Because not even an overdose,
Would make her come alive a dead rose;
She'd been mistreated,
Her will to survive depleted;
She no longer held her composure,
Her life needed no closure;
She was broken down,
Wore on her face a constant frown;
No more a bright light,
This beauty caused fright;
From the inside out,
She was barren a drought;
No longer could she be saved,
All roads that led to her had been unpaved;
Beauty she was no more,
Just a long ago told fairy tale lore...