Smile of Disbelief

Written by: Russell Sivey

She gives off a very sly smile A look that says more than dismay Another view she looks at beyond Showing all that it’s quite okay Her disbelief is shown with her look A look of shock painted on her face Though she smiles with a kind of fear Not a bit of loss nor some disgrace She is so shy, a bunch of grace shown Nothing speaks more than her sly smile Her eyes speak the truth of pure delight Writing on her face seen from a mile Her face glows with a mission of time Finding calmness never seen before A shock of a blessing she gives out Of heart and tenderness bringing more There seems to be allure in her smile Leaves a clever wisp inside her eyes Another glow of hope is brought forth Not a place of deceit nor disguise She gives off a brilliant sly smile A cheeky grin before all who’s there She looks around her with calmness Knowing disbelief is in thin air
Russell Sivey