One IS Better Than Two

Written by: Nestor David Armas

I hope she gets there,
Wherever she's going,
However far; however high,
Always off running; I know she'll fly,
Can no longer be her wingman,
I've got to land and nurse this tan,
Burning I was so close to the sun,
Might as well have had a gun
To my head ready to blow
Away my brain red in the snow,
I didn't want to see the truth,
Even as she pulled each tooth
Told me it was nothing
And I believed everything
Even as I questioned it all
So this house of cards will fall,
Because I was delusional and willing
To follow her thinking it a good feeling;
But who am I to love or need;
I've never wanted, never paid heed
To any pretty face around me
All failing to be anything I should see
Instead just going with my flow
And her splendor? Just mop n glow
Blinding yes; but not glue
Therefore one IS better than two,
This road has diverged; split and ended;
While it lasted; knowing her was splendid...