Smiling Back

Written by: Nestor David Armas

I was walking
Sometimes running
Sometimes flying
When one day
I was tripped up the stairs
Spilt all over the floor
My thoughts and feelings
Words and meanings
All jumbled
And out of order
I could not collect them
There they lay
I sat unable to pick them up
Fast enough to say
Don't leave me here
I'm going up
Want to come along?
Yet I didn't say a word
But I think she knew
What I meant to utter
As I laid there still in a clutter
For she stayed and helped me up
Yet not a whisper from her
Could I hear either
I guess she was speechless
Just as I but I could see
Something in her eyes
Speaking with fervor
That could not come out
So I collected my things
And smiled gave a chuckle
She laughed quietly
And gave me a nod
Seems it was fate
Or destiny but I wouldn't
Think too much of it
I was just glad 
Someone was smiling back...