Quietly Like A Dead Flower

Written by: Marko Kyoto

 The air was frosty fresh and tasted of rain, silhouettes of people rushing by as I stood a shadow in the storm.
A single firefly  can be seen glowing brighty through the  heavy grey mist, it gleems a lovely colour like amethyst .
I'm shadowed in dark clothes just like everyone else nothing special.... nothing less.....
My phone is dead and I have an overwhelming sense of dread; my nerves feel as thin as a tread.
I stare up high towards the hazey clouds and see rain pouring down 
I feel transparent.....invisbile to the world around like a ghost, haunting the places I walk most.
I think of dreams ,ambitions, and desires but they feel burned away like a burned out fire,  I'm dazzled by cars speeding by.....hoping one would hit me so I could finaly die....
 I do wonder if a paradise awaits us after our death or will we just be some memoires and stoires  passed down from our children to their's, but there children will have no psysical remembernce of us to bear.
So many questions and emotions running through me at any given time my mind is always thinking and trying to sovle a million different problems at the same time, some I find the answer to in the poerty I rhyme.
Life is a game of many different elements and battles with yourself and those around u, its a never ending fight  with everything the world thows at u; one has to be strong like a lion but feminie like a cat in order to win this rat race.
All these thoughts and feelings going on inside my head distacting me from words anyone else has said.
I spend about a hour......... just standing around in the rain, like I've lost all power, quietly like a dead flower.......