Written by: andrew delapruch

chaos alone is
less constructive
than that which
fluctuates within
the parameters of
the norm---like a 
bomb ticking, like
a blade sharpening,
like a rebel waiting in
the jungle---knowing
the lines within which
one colors, so that the
lines can be broken---
create & destroy, destroy
to create, breaking down
all that was---smashing
all things retro but never
claiming pure originality
for anything---knowing all
is a pastiche, knowing that
we all consciously/unconsciously
have been sampling &
repeating, memorizing &
dwelling in the beauty of the
cultures around us,
which bring us a reason to
keep on pushing the rock up the
the hill itself,
for the biggest parameter of all
is that obstacle 
smack dab in front of 
oneself &
it needs to be