Written by: Kristopher Curran

I awoke, at the extreme heights of morning nausea. 
Scared, upset at the realization of time lost, time wasted.
It was in this delirious dreamlike state of despair and trivial hostility, I realized, "Don't get complacent."
Explore, for thats all this time on earth is, an exploration into one's soul, a quest for my being.
"Don't get complacent." said my mind, repeating the statement as I wandered aimlessly, door to door, a 
desperate and pathetic cry for confirmation of my position in this delirious dream of despair and trivial hostility.
"Don't get complacent."
"Don't get complacent."
Reassured by the gradual movement of time and the slow raging awakenings of my senses, I returned as a 
A being of promise.
A being of courage, ambition, an unstoppable force of positivity that would not rest, would not rest until it was 
uncomfortable and aware of it's place in this delirious dream of despair and trivial hostility. To never be...
For time is measured not by the hands of man made devices or by the seasons, months, days, hours, minutes, 
weeks or years.
It is measured by the essence and energy of this "Individual" being.
A being who will not stop...
A being who will forever dream.