Written by: Kristopher Curran

Listen as I listen, I hear all your cheap talk of self flattery, attention seeking and shallowness. Why make it all so hard for the good souls?
I hear your speeches about the unjust things that exist, of the hardships life throws you and you deserve it. We all deserve it.
To be conscious is a quotidian battle, help will come from nowhere.
It is what we deserve.
We don't deserve you though, nobody does, you the vain, you the selfish, you the accuser of hipness, you the self centred and self loathing.
When will you leave the good souls alone?
A different time would have seen to it your dreams were caved in and it would have made for certain that it defiled your self projected image, 
an image which pollutes.
Not once have you spoken words that are original, not once have you roared an interesting thought.
The demeanor you choose hides you well, I applaud.
This unobtrusive ovation I create, it shall be the only deference you shall receive from me.