The Freezing Point

Written by: ilene bauer

A chunk of ice fell off a car
As I was walking past.
With temps around the freezing point,
I guess it couldn’t last.

I must have been there when the weather
Inched to thirty-three;
In Fahrenheit, the freezing stops
At that exact degree.

And so that fender filled with ice
Had no choice but to melt.
When Nature is the dealer, well,
You take the hand you’re dealt.

The melting is the easy part to see,
‘Cause just one drip
Announces to the world that Winter’s
Lessening its grip.

What I’d like to observe instead’s
That moment, so precise,
When water leaves its liquid state
And reappears as ice.

We take for granted things like that
For science tells us why;
But there’s a little magic
We’d discover if we try.