Written by: jeffry cohan


                                               LOVE IS MY LOVER

Allow me to describe my love
Not my lover
My kind of love
The way I love
Like when lilies lack only the lamentable
And violets vie with violins for temperance
When the clouds strike a deal with the sky to make Sunday afternoon’ssun sing and spout soliloquies soothingly
Or that ocean waves not awake the water
To calm a swell of saltiness
And make of the sea your subject
That blue might bow unto beauty beheld
 With the countenance of divinity
While I’d wish that you could reason with infinity
And let your beauty be immune to immediacy
That your being never be beholden to the golden years
That age might forget your name
And freeze forever a face for a fantasy’s dream
With the iciness of your stare
and the sensuous heat of passion that always follows whenever two people care and share so tenderly
as kisses conspire to ignite a fire with flames only an inferno claims
As we sit so close that friction begs for forgiveness
And forgotten are the petals fallen from a rose wilted by the arrogance of time
That a bud be reborn
And blossom into the beauty you beg not shall I ignore

Allow me to describe my kind of love 
Which is like waking up each morning at Springtime’s front door
With all her flowers flaunting their fragrance thereof
…………….Now that’s my kind of love
                                                      © 2012  copyright PHREEPOETREE….~free cee!~