A Spirit Hidden Within

Written by: Robert Sebastian

Sitting alone in the woods with my thoughts
Thinking of my angels and demons that I've fought
Brings a chill up through my spine
Reaching my neck I let out a merciless cry.
Tears running from my eyes
I rise to my feet and realize
The gift I have must not be without purpose
But I fear the use of my gift will bring consequence.
Forgetting regret my adrenaline starts to rush
In the distance I can hear rustling brush 
Footsteps drawing closer from the rear
I close my eyes and grip my blade
My grip gets tighter and the footsteps start to fade.
I turn to see the creature coming for me
But instead I see the wolf pack family
I loosen my grip in respect for the wolves
The spirit inside has grabbed hold.
A stop on my thoughts and clarity of mind.
This is the spirit I've been longing to find...