free cee FOR BLANKET OF STARDUST CONTEST a star took her afar

Written by: jeffry cohan


I am a star tripper
skipping from star to star
but then a lady stole the Big Dipper
and now I search from near to far

we used to sit upon the handle
each speaking of our past
we spoke of a travesty and a scandal
and both whispered “your union will never last”

so now I look up to a sorrowful sky
alas the starlight used to seem so bright
but now each star is heard and seen to cry
as they weep for my fruitless plight

the moon was a lamp unto our feet
until she left with the Big Dipper in her pocket
sometimes even stars can be indiscreet
so I still wear her picture in a golden locket
           © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~