Written by: john loving iii

Guilty as sin
Because sin is past tense
The deed has been done
And not far hence

What measure of you now
Have been newly made
To what pleasure did you bow
Where vanity was paid

How shall men see you
For what you have done
Can time someday heal
What was seen by the sun

Or is there someone waiting
Who will remember the truth
Is there someone hating
Who would set your secret loose

Guilt is an emotion
Difficult to explain 
We name those two emotions
Sometimes fear and sometimes shame

Can you desire repentance 
Just for fear of God
Has shame touched your conscious
With feelings that are odd

A soul that runs from justice
Haunted by a past
Always checking your shoulders
Tell the lie told last

Many years may pass
Before the string in your labyrinth is found
Those that matter will find the truth
That your inextricably bound

Will guilt and shame clear your name
Or evil face appear 
When truth and facts finally attach
After so many years

We blame fate for so many things
Especially our human flaws
But still when things really matter
We ignore our own laws

Secrets, we should keep them
For sometimes truth brings death
Because blood is thicker than water
And all that we have left

We may give time all our secrets
And wonder if time will forgive
But time knows all our secrets
And the fateful time to reveal