A Husband Abuse

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                     ~A Husband Abuse~.
                                  My husband after 10 years
                                         his love turned 
                                            into hatred
                                    When he buried my soul
                                        stole my strength 
                                         for his own self 
                                 drowned my head to suffocate me
                                       leaving me breathless.

                                       When he betrayed my 
                                              love & broke 
                                           my ego towards a 
                                               helpless fate. 
                       I need to forget when he laughed with everyone 
                                            but made me cry. 
                                        When he looked old to make 
                                                me feel older
                                        when he broke my mirror  
                                           to make me look ugly 
                                when he breathed but suffocated me 
                                             stepped on my shadow 
                                             to erase my existence.
                                  His heart was like a ship loaded with anger
                               When that night he slashed my body into pieces
                                          till the ocean turned red
                                              rescued by my 2 sons.
                                     Todays scars are all over my body.
                                            This I cannot forget.
 Therese Bacha