Written by: Yimkum Ozukum

This abysmal agony finally ebbing away from my mind
A grotesque phantasmagoria of spirits in the wind
The duel with death has eventually culminated
The disease that almost ripped me apart has dissipated
Now is my trial to convalesce after my battle
Now I finally find time to balance myself in the saddle
I reminisce the sights, plights and frights
I perspire because the disease almost raped me of my rights.
The sickness has left,presently,wondering
If it afflicts me again and leaves me stuttering
If it does,I can no longer stand the attrition
But be overwhelmed by the infectious apparition
A relapse, I will have to endure,if not death
But if I do die, I will no longer have the desire to loathe
Myself at my lack of strength to fight the parasite
As atrocious as it may sound, it is best to commit suicide!