No New Year's Resolutions for Me

Written by: Elton Camp

No New Year’s Resolutions for Me

By Elton Camp

Who can resolve what they’ll do next year
When nobody even knows if they’ll be here

That I’d like to produce more income I confess
Considering the economy, it’s likely to be less

I could declare my intention to lose weight
But diet and exercise are things I sort of hate

I’d vow to become a lot more civil, too
But that’s extremely hard for me to do

I should promise to watch a lot less TV
But there are many interesting shows to see

Too much time I spend scouting the Internet
But becoming ill-informed I might regret

My Mercedes-Benz I really should sell
But I like driving a big car far too well

So, if any resolution I decide to create
It must  be one easy so that I won’t hate

Something like, “I will always sleep to ten
And only after that will my day begin”