Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

The swollen eyes are from lack of sleep,
The shaking hands she hides.
She can't remember important dates
But oh, how she does try.

The hair that once was washed and curled
Has turned a dirty grey.
And if a friend came by for tea
That would truly ruin her day.

The headaches are more frequent now,
Her attention span has gone.
She used to speak of news events
And what the government did wrong.

It's called her medicine cabinet
And she checks it every day 
In the corner of her basement
Where her hidden bottles lay.

Sometimes she feels so very ill
She decides to make that call,
But the line is always busy,
Into bed she trips and falls.

A new day finally does arrive,
Her routine is now a habit,
She walks slowly to the basement room
And sneaks a bottle from the cabinet.

Lynn Hanna Barany