Love And Freedom

Written by: Deb Wilson

In the deep woods of the night you call out to me.
Lead me down this path of love we've blazed.
Come dawn of day you wrap me up so cozily.
This love affair has me awed and amazed!

I never knew my solitude was causing me pain
until you came along and edged me over.
These waves of passion are nothing I can explain.
With you beside me I'm dancing in clover.

Have you come here to make my life a miracle?
Was treading water till you came along.
The words of love you whisper sound so lyrical.
I'll take them in and weave them into song.

Somehow I'm born again within your touch.
Your tender face is all I need to see.
Each day finds me loving you so very much.
I'm bound to you and yet I feel so free!