Suburban sidewalks

Written by: Joe Maverick

Observe the bending of tree & flower.
To rages; a gale… in tempestuous hours.!
Rain deep in curtain, makes interplay;
Fresh night skies, await the sun in power.

Morn air stirs, Lady’s chinking; breakfast crocks.
Day-streams 'cross backyards, endless blocks.. 
Splashes as sound; tables, are scrubbed..
Cars all hues; white thru red, too! radios rock!!

Sprinklers now silent; birdsong calls,
Gardener’s clipping the creeper on walls
Children’s cries are echoes around
Fountains splash in foyers & malls!!

Gundog flushes the dove; white ahead!
Tools are re-sharpened in timber shed,
Lilac buds blossom! Midst threaded verde,
In abundant gardens, Man & Woman wed.."

© Joe

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