The Mirror

Written by: M. E. Hathcock

Stuck in an existence that you don't 
Why were you chosen for this time and 
Look in the mirror you see a different 
Can't even decide what makes you happy 
Nothing but a sellout is what you are
Standing on the auction block to get the 
top dollar
Striving to just fit in but your overwhelmed 
with indecision
These feelings weigh so heavy in this 
Trying to find a section in this book with 
which to restart
All eyes on you an example must be set
Though the pain and sadness you must 
try to maintain
Stay focused stay strong words so easy 
This reflection is you just own it and rise 
to the task
Self sustaining your own sorrow doesn't 
work for you
Remember the past just don't relive it 
every day
The present is here and your loved ones 
are near so just be thankful for what you 
The future can be fruitful if you just trust in 
Patience and diligence will bear you a 
prosperous crop
Always keep in mind anyone can be on 
This mirror is nothing more than a 
It measures neither what you were or what 
you will become but only what you are