Falling Stars Disaster

Written by: Timothy Jacks

My soul flows as powerful as the current of this life that I'm lost in
Sorrows are what they call them, tucked away in my heart still
In this life we will fall some, but we must rise above the struggle
I have been judged and convicted in a courtroom,
and I will still shake the hand of the Judge still
I am torn apart and destroyed by My sins they have crushed me, 
I am lightheaded from the loss of blood and the unexpected loss of loved ones
I hear the calm before the storm and yes we will feel the sound of thunder
I've been familiar with the visitation of storms and dealt with them since a young age
I suppose I got more than just power from the struggle
In the moments of silence, I think about the defeats I suffered from these battles
Here I go stepping into another as ever courageous and defiant in the face of fire
I don’t know if it’s the devil who does it or if its just the consequences that derive from my poor choices
I will prosper and receive my portion from the Lord of course I will
I carry my shield of faith like a force field
All doubts cloudy thoughts and the devil will be forced away
I ‘m fortunate I can say it. 
Without even the slightest hesitation
Im a legetimate son of God I pass this test here
I have sinned and I will die for my sins and
I walk too far out on the limb and I broke the branch man
I fall off and hallor and the echo of my voice causes an avalanche


Falling Stars Disaster*****